Top Selling Lexus Models

Top Selling Lexus Models

Drawing inspiration from the prestige and performance that define Lexus, this blog dives into the top 10 selling Lexus models that have cemented their status as icons of luxury and innovation. Lexus of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario, proudly showcases these distinguished models, offering a blend of sophistication, performance, and unrivalled luxury to discerning drivers. Here's a closer look at the models that have defined excellence within the Lexus lineup.

1. Lexus RX

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is the best-selling luxury SUV, blending elegance with practicality. It's celebrated for its smooth ride, luxurious interior, and innovative safety features, making it a top choice for families.

2. Lexus ES

Lexus ES

A staple among Lexus sedan models, the Lexus ES is known for its comfort, reliability, and refined performance. Its spacious interior and smooth ride represent the pinnacle of luxury sedans.

3. Lexus NX

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX is a compact SUV with a perfect style, comfort, and agility mix. It's ideal for city dwellers seeking a luxury SUV that performs as well in urban environments as on open roads.

4. Lexus IS

Lexus IS

The Lexus IS is a compact executive sedan that stands out for its dynamic driving experience, bold design, and cutting-edge technology. It's the best Lexus sedan for those who value performance and style.

5. Lexus GX

Lexus GX

A robust luxury SUV with off-road capabilities, the Lexus GX combines comfort with ruggedness. It's perfect for adventure-seekers who refuse to compromise on luxury or performance.

6. Lexus LS

Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is the brand's flagship sedan, offering unparalleled luxury, sophistication, and innovation. Its meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology make it a symbol of luxury automotive excellence.

7. Lexus LC

Lexus LC

As a luxury sports coupe, the Lexus LC dazzles with its stunning design, thrilling performance, and exquisite interior. It's designed for those who desire a new Lexus car that epitomizes passion and precision.

8. Lexus UX

Lexus UX

The Lexus UX is a subcompact luxury crossover that stands out for its bold design, efficient performance, and advanced technology. It's an excellent entry point into the luxury car market.

9. Lexus RC

Lexus RC

The Lexus RC is a luxury coupe known for its athletic performance, aggressive styling, and premium interior. It appeals to drivers looking for a sporty yet luxurious driving experience.

10. Lexus LX

Lexus LX

The Lexus LX is a full-size luxury SUV combining opulence and off-road capability. Its spacious interior and powerful performance make it the ultimate choice for luxury and adventure.

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