2024 LEXUS NX 250 VS. 2024 LEXUS NX 350

2024 LEXUS NX 250 VS. 2024 LEXUS NX 350

Discover the exceptional qualities of the 2024 Lexus NX 250 and the 2024 Lexus NX 350 at Lexus of Windsor. Both models offer distinct features tailored to meet different preferences and lifestyles. Explore each vehicle's interior and exterior features, performance, technology, and safety aspects to determine which model best fits your driving needs.

Interior Features

2024 Lexus NX 250 INTERIOR

The 2024 Lexus NX 250 offers a refined interior designed for comfort and style. The cabin features power-adjustable front seats, meticulously crafted with premium materials, providing a supportive and luxurious experience. Advanced connectivity and entertainment options are integrated seamlessly, including a high-definition touchscreen and a premium audio system. The thoughtful layout ensures that all controls are easily accessible, enhancing the driving experience.

2024 Lexus NX 350 INTERIOR

Step into the 2024 Lexus NX 350 and experience an interior combining sportiness and luxury. The cabin has sports seats that offer heating and ventilation, ensuring comfort across all weather conditions. A panoramic moonroof enhances the sense of space, while ambient lighting sets the mood. High-tech amenities, like a wireless charging pad and a 14-inch touchscreen display, are standard, offering both functionality and a futuristic feel.

Exterior Features

2024 Lexus NX 250 EXTERIOR

The 2024 Lexus NX 250's exterior is sleek and stylish, designed to captivate. Its distinctive spindle grille complements its elegant lines and aerodynamic profile. LED lighting adds sophistication and ensures visibility in all conditions. The vehicle has a choice of alloy wheel designs, adding a personal touch to its appearance.

2024 Lexus NX 350 EXTERIOR

The 2024 Lexus NX 350 boasts a dynamic exterior with an aggressive stance. Its bold spindle grille, flanked by sharp LED headlights, makes a strong statement. The body is sculpted for aerodynamic efficiency, featuring a rear spoiler and dual exhaust tips highlighting its performance capabilities. The NX 350 also offers a range of striking colour options and wheel designs, allowing further customization.

Performance and Technology

2024 Lexus NX 250 TECHNOLOGY

Powered by a 2.5-litre engine, the NX 250 delivers a balanced blend of efficiency and responsiveness. Its smooth transmission and agile handling make driving in urban or highway settings pleasurable. The vehicle is equipped with the latest Lexus technology, including an intuitive infotainment system with smartphone integration and voice command capabilities, ensuring connectivity and convenience on the road.

2024 Lexus NX 350 TECHNOLOGY

The NX 350 has a more powerful 2.4-liter turbocharged engine, providing an exhilarating driving experience. It features an advanced all-wheel-drive system that adapts to varying road conditions for optimal traction. The performance is matched by cutting-edge technology, including a dynamic handling system and an enhanced adaptive variable suspension, making it a leader in its class for driving dynamics.

Safety Features

2024 Lexus NX 250 SAFETY

The Lexus NX 250 is built with safety in mind, featuring an array of advanced safety technologies. These include Lexus Safety System, which offers a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, and adaptive cruise control. The vehicle also contains comprehensive airbag coverage and a robust structure to protect occupants in case of an accident.

2024 Lexus NX 350 SAFETY

Safety is paramount in the 2024 Lexus NX 350, which includes enhanced driver assistance technologies. Beyond the standard Lexus Safety System, it offers additional features like blind spot monitoring and a 360-degree camera system. These tools aid in navigating tight spaces and busy roads, ensuring peace of mind for both driver and passengers.

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